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Attention Students! Do you crave extra stuff to do? Do you want to expand your minds? Are you sick of watching television?

Well, just click on the video links below and then click on this BLOG Link to post your comments. Then, reply to other students' comments.

I would love to read your thoughts and opinions! Let's get a discussion going.

"Saving Me": What is the turning point? What does he realize? Did you enjoy this vid.? Explain...
"Concrete Angel": What is going on? Who does the little boy represent? What is the message? Your thoughts? Explain...
"Away From The Sun": What is the metaphor here (or what is being represented)? What is this boy's major struggle? What is the solution? Did you enjoy this vid.? Explain.
"When I'm Gone:" How does this video affect you? Can you relate? If not, what is Eminem's internal conflict or struggle?
Click the link below and suggest a video! Please include a few questions to ask too. :)

6th Grade Social Studies

I can recognize and analyze how humans may adapt to their behavior as their environment changes.
Watch the following video about changes in technology.
Click HERE for your project rubric.

6th Grade Science

I can create and manage a Google Document, demonstrating my knowledge of the relationship between density, mass, and volume.
Let's do a Kahoot Review first!
Click HERE for your assignment.

Social Studies - All Grades

I can create a digital animation project, which demonstrates my knowledge of how global interaction increases communication, cultural diffusion, and innovation.
Click HERE for your project rubric.

Social Studies - All Grades

I can construct a collaborative class chart using Google Docs to explain events in history over time, specifically, The Ottoman Empire.
First, click HERE to complete email survey.
Next, open the Google Doc. for your block and get ready to collaborate!

6th Grade ELA

6th Grade Science

Click HERE for a Plate Tectonics Web Quest

7th Grade Social Studies

Click HERE to watch the following video about
The FrenchRevolution
Click on this GOOGLE SLIDES TEMPLATE and follow the directions.
Then, using your presentation, you will create a MoveNote and present it to your class.
Extension project: You will receive a copy of this script. You will perform this as a class while being recorded. Then we will add music and effects using WeVideo. You may also add your own modern twist to this script.

All Subjects - All Grades

Working with dochub.com

6th Grade Science

piktochart.com project
Topic: Photosynthesis

6th & 7th Grade Science

Fun With Circuits!

7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Science

Project: Using a green screen and the iMovie Program, create a video presenting any of the following topics:
The Coriolis Effect
Wind, Rain, Snow, or any type of weather
The Ozone Layer
The Water Cycle
How weather and climate are different
Why it snows
Air masses

6th Grade Math

Create 2 tutorial videos using Educreations demonstrating mastery of "LCM" (Least Common Multiple).
Choose one problem from the "Easy Sheet" and one from the "Difficult Sheet" to do so.
Easy Sheet
Adobe Acrobat document [328.8 KB]
Difficult Sheet
Adobe Acrobat document [330.0 KB]
**Yes, the answers are visible. Remember that you MUST demonstrate the process for credit!
Then, share your video links with your teacher via Google Classroom.

6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Create your own animation using PowToons.
ELA Rubric:
- Must contain a representation of the character from your chosen book.
- The character must explain their character traits. For example: strong, brave, funny, sincere, etc...
- Must contain 6 or more slides
- Must contain information which might persuade someone to read your book
Click HERE for a sample!
Social Studies Rubric:
- Must contain a character who describes:
1. His/her dynasty
2. His/her class system
3. A fact or facts about his/her life in China
4. Trade and leadership
5. Description of Religion
- Must contain 5 or more slides
- Must contain pictures representative of Ancient China
Click HERE for a sample!
**** Please copy and paste your completed project links to your teacher's Google Classroom.

6th Grade Science

Learn about sound waves and create code to produce a sine wave in relation to audio programming!
Today's Handout
Today's Handout
Microsoft Word document [212.6 KB]
Sine Wave Code Sample (for today's lesson)
Sine Wave Code Sample
Adobe Acrobat document [60.9 KB]
Other fun code to explore:


Have you ever watched or heard a parody using a popular song? These may often be funny and sometimes even have educational value by helping to teach a concept.




When you wake up in the morning

and you wanna read a book

Can I get 5 more minutes

Catholic church cut you off like






The sun in the center

planets rotating





Gotta drop it


is wrong

That's it!


Hey Nicholas Copernicus

Can you teach us this theory?

Don't fear excommunication

You can work in secret, we'll believe like






The sun in the center

planets rotating


Get Heliocentric

Gotta drop it


is wrong

That's it!



Your task: You will create a parody of a popular song replacing the original lyrics with lyrics which represent your present curriculum. Your topic choices will be displayed on the board.
Click HERE for an example (social studies)

- Your song must contain at least 5 facts about your chosen topic/topics. (5 points)

- Your song must be clear so that it teaches others about your topic/topics. (5 points)

- You must use the Sound Trap App. (5 points)

- You must write and record your lyrics accompanying a popular song. (5 points)

Go to your Chrome Store and install the following app:
If you click on the link above and download the video to your Chromebook, you may view it at home even without internet!

Click on the folder below for some available song resources.

Some helpful hints:
1. Download a copy of the official song lyrics and count the syllables in each line
2. Research your topic and gather ideas from your readings or look at your class notes.
3. Write your own lyrics matching up the syllables in the original lyrics (it helps to place both sets of lyrics next to each other).
4. Don't worry about rhyming. If you want to rhyme after your song is complete, you may go back, but it's really not necessary.
5. Have fun! You don't have to have a great voice to create an amazing project!
Lyric Writing Example
Lyric Writing Example
Microsoft Word document [14.0 KB]

6th Grade Math


I can add decimals while implementing Google Docs.

Click HERE to open your work for today.



6th Grade Social Studies


I can create a digital project demonstrating my knowledge of the Fertile Crescent and how it helped to shape a civilization.


You may click HERE, on your own time, to watch the video again, but I will show this to the entire class.



Click HERE for a copy of the song lyrics.




Click HERE for your project rubric.




6th Grade ELA


1.  I can determine the theme in a series of music videos.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3


2.  I can create a digital graphic organizer demonstrating my knowledge of "central idea" and apply it to relevant informational texts.



Your tools:  (You may choose one)




Click HERE for your assignment rubric.

6th Grade Social Studies



Essential Statement:

 Using Animoto, I can explain how the physical features and human characteristics of ancient Egypt influenced the development of civilizations, societies and regions.


1.  Let's read an article together!

Daily Lives of Egyptian Children


2.  Create an Animoto Video using the following rubric:

- 10 pictures of Ancient Egypt

- Title Slide with your name

- 3 facts about Egyptian Civilization (in any 3 of the captions)

- The last picture must be YOUR NAME written inHieroglyphics






Finished early?  Or do you have time during Flex or at home?


Check out Epals.com and log in using your username and password you received today.


Go to Forums and participate in discussions with students your age from around the globe!



8th Grade ELA



Essential Statement: I can compare and contrast two author's presentations of similar events.


You will get a paper copy of the rubric in this link.


Click HERE for project sample. 


Go to Google Slides to create your presentation.

Click HERE for a template you may copy.


Then, go to Movenote.com or Click on your Movenote App


EXCELLENT Poetry Websites:

Emily Dickinson's Poetry

Shel Silverstein's Poetry

Poems for Middle Schoolers

Teenink.com Poetry


6th Grade Social Studies


Essential Statement:  I can prove my understanding of the Mayan, Inca, and Aztec Civilizations though the use of highlighting and annotating digitally.  


First, go to Dochub.com and sign in through Google.


Next, open THIS PDF Document.


You will prove your answers to the document using the Dochub tools.


Let's do a few together!

Export your finished document and share with your teacher.


Finished early?

Try THIS DOCUMENT using the same Dochub tools.

Reading EOG Practice Per Request:



7th Grade EOG PDF

8th Grade EOG PDF

Let's first analyze the following music video while making comparisons to the poem

"The Highwayman."

Creating Data Tables in Pyret


Lesson Overview



MCS Blog Article


Arrrrrrrr  Maties!!!

Do you like cool music tracks and beats?


Have you thought about creating them?


You can easily design a creative music track while learning some coding skills too!


Click HERE to get started creating music!



HERE to explore coding beats!


Lesson Resources and Interesting Info...

Meet Ebony Naomi Oshunrinde

aka "Wondagurl"


She is a "Google Made with Code" Mentor because her beats and tracks are "Made with code."


Watch her inspirational story HERE!

                                     Listen to the Jay-Z Track she created HERE!

                                       Watch a documentary clip HERE!


          Watch Wondergurl create a track right in front of your eyes HERE!       




Want more?  Are you interested in making music and learning some advanced coding?  

Click HERE and experience EarSketch!


EarSketch Tutorial Video

More to come!
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