My Coding Workshop for Teachers

Pre-AP Computer Science Course

Coding Girls - Meet During Lunch and AIR Time on TUESDAYS!

Coding Guys - Meet During Lunch and AIR Time on WEDNESDAYS!

Pre-AP Computer Science Course Materials:


Week What's Due? Save for Class Meeting
Sept. 28-Oct. 5

Unit 1

- Watch all Videos

- Play Blockly Coding Games

- Read Chapter 1

Do NOT do this on your own!

Section 1.3 - Google Portfolio Set Up 

Section 1.4 - App Inventor Set Up

Oct. 5-Oct.18

If you missed this week's class, please click HERE to watch a tutorial video!  


Unit 2

Only complete the following sections:

2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, & 2.11

(chapter 2)


You will notice practice questions at the bottom of each section.  Please complete these!  If you get them wrong,

just click something else until you get it right.



This is just practice for next year and you should be having fun while learning!


The videos act as step-by-step tutorials.  Feel free to pause anytime.


You are completing the coding activities using your App Inventor 2 Program.


Please do NOT complete:


2.8, 2.9, 2.10, & 2.12


We will break these sections up

during class meeting times.


You also do NOT need to answer the portfolio questions yet.  


We will do this together in class.

Oct 25 -

Nov. 8

Unit 3


3.1 - 3.7 and 3.9 - 3.12


Please remember that there are Android Tablets available for you to use in the media center at any time.  Feel free to stop by and check your apps!  


You guys are doing great!  

Lesson 3.8 - Magic 8 Ball, we will do as a class.

Nov. 15-

Nov. 29

Please go through Units 2-3 and make sure you are answering all review questions on the bottom of each section.


This is great practice for your midterm.

Dec. 6 - Jan. 3

Unit 4

COMPLETE all sections except 4.7



* Don't forget to pay special attention to the review questions at the bottom of each section!



Midterm:  Wednesday, February 1st

You will receive a personal code for this exam.

Due by April 1

Link to Create Task Folders






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